Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hola Familia

Another good week out here in the México Cuernavaca Mission. And yes, everyone is stoked that Mexico beat 
Germany yesterday in their first world cup match in Russia. Before the game, everyone here was certain that 
Mexico wouldn´t be able to stack up against the reigning champs, but now everyone says they`re gonna win 
it all hahaha.
Anyway, it was a pretty normal week in the Insurgentes Ward with Élder Amancio, my dominican son. Saturday, 
we had our ward rescue activity where we visited menos activos and other people with the members and the 
rest of the missionaries in our zone. I have to say it was the best rescue activity I´ve participated in so far in my 
mission, so many people showed up and it turned out to be really effective because ward conference yesterday 
was bien llena. The members are awesome.

In Tuesday´s visit with Yair, he shared with us a pretty dope experience. While in church, he began to think about 
how good his life is all the blessings he received. He said ¨I´ve got a job, good family, friends, girlfriend, I´m 
studying well, what more could I ask for? I´m not really in need of a church, and yet, I feel good in the chapel 
and I feel right. And that feeling stays with me throughout the whole week.¨ !!!!!!!! The Holy Ghost is beginning 
to testify to Yair that the Church is true through attendance! Best feeling to hear your investigator´s progression.

We found a bunch of new people this week that we´ll be working with.

The weather has been fantastic lately with all this rain I love it.

Hope everyone´s doing great, keep writing me and asking questions. Sometimes I dont know what to say!

Élder Tucker

ps. I recommend this book to everyone, especially back home! Our Search for Hapiness by M. Russell Ballard

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hola Familia,

Another good week out here in the México Cuernavaca Mission! Élder Amancio and I have been working really well together and the ward has been supporting us like crazy so hopefully we´ll be able to start seeing some more baptisms soon. 

One of our most promising investigators right now is named Yaír, he just turned 18 years old and his girlfriend is a member of the ward. At first, he seemed a little bit pressured to listen to us by his girlfriend´s family, but recently we´ve been able to meet with him personally and see progress in him and honestly, he´s a really impressive joven. This dude works and studies all the time; Saturday nights, he works the night shifts and gets off Sunday morning just two hours before church! And he still is one of the first to arrive to the capilla! We´ve been helping him to pray and read in the Book of Mormon and we just hope he can be baptized soon, and not only for his girlfriend, but for himself because he would be such a wonderful addition to the Church.

There´s also Maurina who is always golden in the lessons but has yet to come to church in these last two weeks that we´ve met with her. She´s basically a single mother though because her husband ¨´está allá´ AKA working in the US so atleast it´s understandable because it´s hard to get kiddos ready for church early sunday morning.

From what I´ve been hearing about AZ, I think the weathers about the same over here in Iguala, hot hot hot! Hahaha

A couple of videos that I´ve seen recently have been on my mind: One is called the Anonymous Hero, but it´s not by the Church. It´s about this humble man in Thailand that does a bunch of friendly, silent acts of service everyday. The narrator says something to the effect of ´This man will never be famous. You´ll never see him on tv, or in the movies. He´ll never be amazingly rich. But, he does his part to be good and to make the world a better place. Be more like him.´ Kinda reminds me of Man in the Mirror by MJ. Anyway, the other is of The Life of Jesus Christ videos where Jesus gives the parable of the two sons who were asked to work in their father´s field. The first refused, but eventually repented and worked. The second anxiously answered yes, but ended up not doing anything. The first was the one that did the will of his father although at first he didn{t want to. How beautiful is it that if we truly repent, the Lord forgets all the bad that we have done and gives us another chance to serve Him and be mad instruments in His hands. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that it is for all of us. I know that we can turly repent and be made clean of our sins.

No pics unil next week, I need to buy a new memory, sorry! I love you all! Cuídense!!!


Élder Tucker

Thursday, June 7, 2018

¡2 Bautismos! Oscar Hernández Galindo y una sorpresa

Hola Familia!

Another excellent week here in Insurgentes with my dominican son, Élder Amancio!

Wednesday we unexpectadly got a call from our beloved bishop saying a boy in the ward had just turned 8 and needed to be baptized. So instead of having 1 baptism this week as planned we got to have 2!...not really because Wednesday´s baptism was a nño inscrito, but anyway, my trainee, Élder Amancio got to baptize him for his first baptism in the mission so that was cool.

Saturday, I was priviledged to baptize our investigator, Oscar, and Élder Amancio confirmed him on Sunday! The baptismal program was great, the primary sang and welcomed Oscar into the ward and after it all, the Spirit touched Oscar enough that he began to cry! The Gospel had already helped him mature so much in the little time I´ve had to know him, and his mom, Monica, loves having us over. We´ve started to visit with Oscar´s older less active older sister and her nonmember boyfriend, but it´s a bit frustrating because the boyfriend is genuinely interested, but the hermana has turned atheist and totally kills the vibe in our visits. Honestly, if people would just look at who the apostles and president of the Church are right now and realize that they´re a million times too wise and intelligent to be tricked into believing in a God and a church organized by a young farm boy. This Gospel is true! Faith isn´t ignorance or blindness.

Anyway, I hope everyone is good! Love you all! Love when you write!!! Until next week.

Élder Tucker

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Segunda Semana en Insurgentes con El élder Amancio: La Cuña de la Bandera

Hola Familia,

Not much time to write this week, but basically everything's chido here in the Inusrgentes Ward in Iguala. Really feelin' the love and support from the members. Élder Amancio es el final! Seriously, he is so great. Love being his trainer. Today, for a p-day activity, we went up to the biggest flag I've ever seen on top of a big hill in Iguala with the other missionaries in the zone. Iguala is where the first Mexican national flag was created btw. And we have a baptism this Saturday!!! His name is Oscar and he's 9 years old and we're helping to activate his family. I'll tell you more about it next week!

Shoutout to my big sis, Rachel, for having her bday today! Happy Birthday! The big 2-3 if I'm not mistaken. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Insurgentes in the Iguala Zone in the state of Guerrero

Hola Familia!

Wow, where to start? It was great talking with the Fam on Mother`s Day and I`m feeling great out here in La Bendita Misión México Cuernavaca, this is the place to be!!! I`m training a new missionary and we`re in a new area together, Insurgentes in the Iguala Zone in the state of Guerrero.

It was kinda weird saying goodbye to my comp, Élder Bernal, and the Jiutepec Ward because I had just gotten there and Élder Bernal and I were doing work, but man am I excited to be here in Insurtegentes with Élder Amancio. He`s a convert of only two years from the Dominican Republic and he might be my best companion yet. He´s 25 so quite a bit older, but he`s also so humble, mature, and ready to work his butt off out here with me. I`m really grateful for the experience of last transfer because it was my first time opening an area or arriving to it at the same time as my companion. I`m super grateful for it because Élder Amancio and I are doing the same thing here in Insurgentes. Themembers here are awesome and so stoked to have us here because they`ve had nothing but Hermanas serving in the area for while. Our house has got to be one of the nicest in the mission. The area´s not too big. There`s a couple small pueblos in it. The economic level I´d say is ok. Somewhere in between CIvac in Cuernavaca and Pinotepa in Oaxaca. It seems to rain almost every night so it[s pretty green but man is it hot here! Hopefully should drop a couple kilos. There are just 5 other companionships in the zone, one area is called Taxco that has a bunch of silver and tourism and gringos so hopefully I'll get to pass through.

This week we did a whole bunch of work in the carpeta de area where the missionaries record all the work and information that future missionaries need to know about. Met a few investigators with some interesting baggage, but we put a solid chamaco on date that will be baptized next week. Conociendo el área más que nada.

Other than that, I hope everyone´s doing good. Please pray for Mexico in the coming months because the world cup is about to happen and also presidencial elections, should be wild! Nah just kidding, todo será tranquilo, no pasa nada.

Hasta la próxima! Siempre recuerden que hay que chambiar!


Élder Tucker

Pics from my last baptism 

last baptism in Jiutepec

Sweet mural in a recent convert´s house

Mas Chihuahuas


 Que lo que papá, dame la luz. My compa is teaching me dominican slang and I love it. Shoutout to Alden Funk.

Monday, May 7, 2018

More Pics from P-Day

Una Aventura Mexicana en Tepoztlán, Morelos - El Mejor Día de Preparación

Hola Familia!

It was another good week out here, but WOW today has been the best P-day of my whole mission!!!

We got up early and headed over with the zone to Tepoztlán. It´s known as Un Pueblo Mágico and I can testify to that becuase it truly is a magical place. It´s this awesome town in the middle of these super green mountains just outisde of Cuernavaca. It´s been raining a lot lately so the weather was cool and a little overcast today. We hiked up about an hour to see El Pirámide Tepozteco, an ancient pyramid, and we got to climb to the top of it and everything! Then coming back down from the hike, we got a couple sweet souvenirs, ate some tacos, and then went to this dope ice cream shop. Man, I can´t wait to take my family there some day.

Anyway, it´s been good. I´ve been called to be a trainor again starting next week once transfers happen so I´m pumped for that! Don´t know if that means I´ll be staying in Jiutepec or if I´ll be opening another area, but it´s gonna be a blast! Hope everyone´s good. Can´t wait to SKYPE on Sunday!!!

Élder Tucker

Part of the hiking trail up to the pyramid

El Pirámide Tepozteco

 Top of the pyramid with the comp #VivaLasChivas

La Zona Civac