Monday, May 21, 2018

Insurgentes in the Iguala Zone in the state of Guerrero

Hola Familia!

Wow, where to start? It was great talking with the Fam on Mother`s Day and I`m feeling great out here in La Bendita Misión México Cuernavaca, this is the place to be!!! I`m training a new missionary and we`re in a new area together, Insurgentes in the Iguala Zone in the state of Guerrero.

It was kinda weird saying goodbye to my comp, Élder Bernal, and the Jiutepec Ward because I had just gotten there and Élder Bernal and I were doing work, but man am I excited to be here in Insurtegentes with Élder Amancio. He`s a convert of only two years from the Dominican Republic and he might be my best companion yet. He´s 25 so quite a bit older, but he`s also so humble, mature, and ready to work his butt off out here with me. I`m really grateful for the experience of last transfer because it was my first time opening an area or arriving to it at the same time as my companion. I`m super grateful for it because Élder Amancio and I are doing the same thing here in Insurgentes. Themembers here are awesome and so stoked to have us here because they`ve had nothing but Hermanas serving in the area for while. Our house has got to be one of the nicest in the mission. The area´s not too big. There`s a couple small pueblos in it. The economic level I´d say is ok. Somewhere in between CIvac in Cuernavaca and Pinotepa in Oaxaca. It seems to rain almost every night so it[s pretty green but man is it hot here! Hopefully should drop a couple kilos. There are just 5 other companionships in the zone, one area is called Taxco that has a bunch of silver and tourism and gringos so hopefully I'll get to pass through.

This week we did a whole bunch of work in the carpeta de area where the missionaries record all the work and information that future missionaries need to know about. Met a few investigators with some interesting baggage, but we put a solid chamaco on date that will be baptized next week. Conociendo el área más que nada.

Other than that, I hope everyone´s doing good. Please pray for Mexico in the coming months because the world cup is about to happen and also presidencial elections, should be wild! Nah just kidding, todo será tranquilo, no pasa nada.

Hasta la próxima! Siempre recuerden que hay que chambiar!


Élder Tucker

Pics from my last baptism 

last baptism in Jiutepec

Sweet mural in a recent convert´s house

Mas Chihuahuas


 Que lo que papá, dame la luz. My compa is teaching me dominican slang and I love it. Shoutout to Alden Funk.

Monday, May 7, 2018

More Pics from P-Day

Una Aventura Mexicana en Tepoztlán, Morelos - El Mejor Día de Preparación

Hola Familia!

It was another good week out here, but WOW today has been the best P-day of my whole mission!!!

We got up early and headed over with the zone to Tepoztlán. It´s known as Un Pueblo Mágico and I can testify to that becuase it truly is a magical place. It´s this awesome town in the middle of these super green mountains just outisde of Cuernavaca. It´s been raining a lot lately so the weather was cool and a little overcast today. We hiked up about an hour to see El Pirámide Tepozteco, an ancient pyramid, and we got to climb to the top of it and everything! Then coming back down from the hike, we got a couple sweet souvenirs, ate some tacos, and then went to this dope ice cream shop. Man, I can´t wait to take my family there some day.

Anyway, it´s been good. I´ve been called to be a trainor again starting next week once transfers happen so I´m pumped for that! Don´t know if that means I´ll be staying in Jiutepec or if I´ll be opening another area, but it´s gonna be a blast! Hope everyone´s good. Can´t wait to SKYPE on Sunday!!!

Élder Tucker

Part of the hiking trail up to the pyramid

El Pirámide Tepozteco

 Top of the pyramid with the comp #VivaLasChivas

La Zona Civac


Monday, April 30, 2018

¡Se bautizaron Victor y Rogelio y mañana cumplo 20 años!

Hola Familia,

Wow, what a wonderful week out here in Jiutepec with Élder Bernal! Victor and Rogelio were baptized and confirmed and tomorrow I turn 20! Woohoo!!!!

Both Victor and Rogelio were so prepared yet excited on Saturday. Victor was baptized by one of his fellowshippers, Hermano Adrián, and Rogelio by Bishop Avelar. The baptismal program was perfect! As they were changing out of their wet clothes, one member, Brother Zaragoza, bore an amazing testimony about the Church and the Gospel and the Spirit was so strong. Hopefully our other investigators there were able to feel it and have the desire to be baptized as well. Now it´s on to prepare these two wonderful new members of the Church to receive the Priesthood!

The work is booming out here in Jiutepec. I could stay here for a while.

Today, we moved into our new house just in time for the end of the month hahaha! It´s a chill new crib, but we're thinking about giving it a new paint job so I´ll have to let you know how that goes.

Can´t believe tomorrow I turn 20! No longer a teen. Kinda weird, but it´s cool. No better place to spend a birthday than out in the Mission. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and emails, I really felt the love.

¡Que tengan una semana llena de felicidad! Les quiero!

Élder Tucker

Monday, April 23, 2018

Another Good Week In Jiutepec

Hola Familia!

It was another good week here in Jiutepec with Elder Bernal! I´ve been learning that any discouragement we feel about ourselves can quickly be solved with hard work, especially when it comes to missionary work.

Victor passed his baptismal interview today and is set for Saturday! He´s the best. Rogelio also has been doing good and looks like will be baptized Saturday as well! We´re pumped! Now we just need to help some others make the same decision, which I don´t think will be a problem with how great our ward is! Friday, we met, Polet, a young woman selling jerseys in a store who said she was searching for good christian movies to watch when she came across The Restoration movie! She said she really liked it and felt something different then with the other movies she watched. Then she said that she had been praying for a book to read. Elder Bernal and I were a little shocked and excitingly gave her a Book of Mormon!

Saturday, a member brought a friend, Eduardo, to an activity we had at the ward building. He says he´s trying to regain the relationship he had with God so we told him we´ve got just the way to do it ;)

The Lord really is preparing people to receive us missionaries. We´ve just gotta do our part in being obedient and hardworking!

Other than that, not much else to share this week. A Little Caesar´s just opened up by our house so that´s a blessing, I sure love being in more of a city area. Also, I bought a sweet Club Ámerica soccer jersey today that I´ll have to send pictures of the next time I school some homies in la cancha.

Have a good week! Ánimo! Send me some emails!!

Élder Tucker

1, This is a Catholic Home. We don´t accept Protestant propoganda or from other cults. Live King Christ! And the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of God.

2.3. Little Caesar´s

Monday, April 16, 2018

Felizmente acostumbrándome de nuevo a la mejor Misión del mundo.

Hola Familia!

Good week here in the México Cuernavaca Mission. Friday and Saturday I wasn´t feeling too hot because I must´ve eaten something wack, but it´s all just apart of getting re-adjusted to the mexican missionary life. Nothing that a little cocita y limón can´t fix lol.

Anyway, Wednesday we had a multizone conference in Cuernavaca and I got to see my other CCM companion, Elder Stevens! He´s a district leader in the Galeana Zone right now and must be doing something for his morning workouts because his arms are jacked. President Ávila never disappoints in the trainings he gives in zone conferences. I love the way he uses the scriptures. The scriptures really do have all the answers.

Friday, the ward had a family home evening activity in the church building and there was a good turnout! Elder Bernal and I brought an investigator family and they seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, Rogelio wasn´t baptized because he has some word of wisdom issues to get over, but we´re continuing to work with him and have hope that he´ll be able to do it. Victor is still progressing like a champ.

Saturday we did something that I think we should do more often everywhere in the Church called a Ministering Activity. The 2 other elders and 2 sister missionaries of our district came and worked with us and our members in the Jiutepec Ward. Each missionary left with a set of members to go visit less active members of the ward, investigators, and find more people to teach. Afterwards we all met back at the church building for comida. I think things like this are exactly what President Nelson talked about in general conference.

My comp Elder Bernal is such a legit missionary, but I´m just trying to get him to enjoy it a little more. Missionaries need to be happy!

Other than that, I hope you all have a good week! Please pray for Victor and Rogelio! Ecsudriñen las escrituras!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

¡Que bendición estar de nuevo en mi bendita Misión México Cuernavaca! Barrio Jiutepec

Hola Familia!

Wow, how's everyone doing? Wednesday morning, I arrived in the Mexico City airport and was immediately received by a familiar face, Elder Schmitz, who I served with in the Pinotepa Zone. Elder Schmitz is currently the executive secretary of the mission. Since I arrived so early, we had a lot of time to wait for one of the other mission secretaries and all the elders and sisters heading home that day, so we actually got permission from President Avila to go do an endowment session in the Mexico City temple!!! It was incredible because since there's no temple in the Cuernavaca mission, I wasn't going to be able to go to one again until I had finished the rest of my mission. What a blessing! After that, we returned to the airport where I saw another familiar face, Hermana Hilker, who had originally arrived at the same time as me to the mission. She has completed her 18 months of service and was heading home! Upon finally arriving to the mission offices Wednesday evening, I saw my old CCM companion, Elder Contreras, who is now a zone leader in Cuernavaca! It was great to see him again and to give him that hug that his parents had sent to him through me.

Thursday morning, I had my welcome-back interview with President Avila. He gave me two big hugs and was so happy to see me again. As was I.

I've been assigned to the Jiutepec area/ward in the Civac zone which is just outside of Cuernavaca. I'm glad that I will never be cold again like I was in Portland, or at least not for a while. My companion is Elder Bernal from Tamaulipas, Mexico and he is great. He's the district leader and has about 13 months in the mission. We're opening the area which means we arrived to it together for the first time on Thursday. It's a little intimidating because the area is bien gigante and we have to find a new place to rent before the end of the month, but luckily, we have the best ward I think I've had so far in my mission. Around 120 members attend church each Sunday and they are so focused on missionary work and helping us out. We are already planning a baptism for this Saturday for a man named Rogelio. We visited him for the first time on Friday. Supposedly, he was a member of the Church with his family when he was young, but went totally inactive and after all these years and finally coming back to the Church, no one can find any record of him or his family so he needs to be baptized and confirmed again. Also, on Saturday, the members that fed us introduced us to Victor who they've been fellowshipping and going to church with now for around 6 months! Victor might be the most prepared person for baptism I've met in my life and he's on date for the 28th! Needless to say, there's a lot of work for us here.

More than anything, I can testify that the Lord really does direct this work. How else do you explain a 20 year old mexican and a 19 year old guero who don't know each other walk into a place in southern Mexico they've never been to before and not get completely lost the whole time, let alone find children of God that are open to receiving the message of His Gospel. It's honestly the coolest feeling in the world knowing that someone as small and insignificant as me can be converted into an instrument in the Lord's hands to bring His children back into His fold. We as missionaries give, compared to God, something so little and He truly blesses us ten times over because of it.

I'm so happy to be back in the Cuernavaca Mission. It's been a long journey and I still have a long way to go for the Lord, but it's always worth it. My spanish is good I just need to regain that confidence and trust in myself to talk like a native again. hahaha jk, but I'm so excited!

Sad to hear about the passing of dear Grampy Norberg. He was a tremendous blessing in the lives of so many many people. I'll never forget all of the wonderful moments we had on the 4th of July at Coronado or all of those swear words that slipped out whenever the Suns/Cardinals/Dbacks/referees sucked. He was a great man and I know he's enjoying a round of 18 in spirit paradise right now. I'll continue trying to follow in his footsteps by working as hard as I can out here on my mission.

Love you all! ¡Ánimo!

Elder Tucker

Elder Tucker and Elder Contreras