Monday, April 24, 2017

¿Quien dijo que los Mexicanos no fueran honestos?

¡Hola Familia!

Wow, I didn't even realize that I have no time to write today, but anyway it was another good week in La Gran Misión México Cuernavaca, a little lethargic, but good. I´m starting to discover that anytime I feel not as effective or not motivated in something is when I´m not focusing on the LITTLE THINGS. 

I don´t think that any aspect of missionary work is meant to be done just to be done. But that it´s supposed to be done with enthusiasm! We are called by a prophet of God to preach the Gospel in some part of the world for only 2 short years. Exercise, personal and companionship study, daily planning, contacting, working in the area book, doing accountability with the leaders are some of the LITTLE THINGS we do as missionaries that can make all the difference throughout each day. I think this also applies to life outside of the mission.

I know that´s not a very good explanation of what I wanna say, but you get what I mean. There´s a scripture that says that by small and simple means, great things shall come to pass. And I can´t testify enough the truth of that statement. Don´t settle with only accomplishing the few important things of each day, but try to make the most of every opportunity we have to improve. I don´t mean to step on a soapbox when I say this or anything, but these are just my thoughts for the day.

Quick story: today, I dropped my wallet when we were walking in the street. When I finally realized that I had lost it, we retraced our steps until we passed a store were this young woman stopped us and asked me if I was looking for a wallet. I said yes and she said someone that had found it in the street gave it to her and she returned it to me without any money taken out if it! Who said that Mexicans weren't honest? hashtag bendiciones.

Hahahah thanks for all the love and support. Some of those emails I read this week, I really need to hear. Love you all so much and have a great week! Focus on the LITTLE THINGS that you can do to be better.

Elder Tucker

 Foto de Conferencia de Zona

Foto de Conferencia Visita de elder Pieper

Monday, April 17, 2017


¡Hola Familia!

It was another good week in La Gran Misión México Cuernavaca!

To start things off, we have this new investigator, Areli, who is really, really great! Areli is a street contact of Elder Murrane and I when we were doing divisions in Jamiltepec. We had just got done introducing ourselves to her when she says "where's your church? What time are the services? I wanna attend this Sunday!" 

At first, I was thinking it was too good to be true because a lot of people out here will say stuff like that and not follow through, but when we passed by her house that Sunday to walk with her to church, there she was waiting for us! 

Wednesday this week, we visited her for the first time in her home and shared the message of the Restoration. She was super interested and loving it, and the best part is Elder Tilley was participating a lot in the lesson and even extended the baptismal invitation which she accepted! Areli also attended the Casa de Oración this Sunday and we have a return appointment to visit her on Thursday. Areli's life isn't perfect. She has never had a good relationship with her family and she's made some bad life decisions. She told us on Wednesday that she had been praying for God to send someone to help her and that's when we showed up and started inviting her to come to Christ. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be teaching her and I'm so grateful for the Light that the Gospel can bring into our lives. I know that in no way is Areli progressing in the Gospel because of me, but because of the message that I share as a missionary and because Heavenly Father prepares His children to receive the Gospel. I know that the message we share with her in the next couple weeks will change her life forever.

Also, on Saturday, we visited the Hernández Family again (the family of our recent converts, Francisco and Roberto) and we saw the blessings of not giving up hope and continuing to visit them because Rosa, Lorena, and the mother, María are all interested again and have accepted baptismal dates! It will be May 13th, the same as Areli, because the sisters, Rosa and Lorena want to wait to be baptized with their mom who still needs the discussions and to attend church three more times.

Yesterday, in Priesthood meeting, Francisco and Roberto received the Aaronic Priesthood! It was a little crazy because I thought the elders quorum president was going to ordain them, but then at the last second, Francisco wanted me to confer him, so I ripped open my missionary handbook for 10 seconds to remember how to confer the Priesthood and I did it! hahaha! But it really is so beautiful to see this family become converted to the Gospel. The father passed away a couple weeks ago and it´s been hard for them, but now, Francisco and Roberto will be able to baptize their sisters and mother into the Church and soon they can go to the temple and start his temple work. Such a blessing.

Those are the highlights of this week and I'm pumped to keep working, learning, and progressing out here on the mish! Thanks for all the love and support and have a great week!

Isaías 9:6


Elder Tucker

Monday, April 3, 2017

Los Cocos, La Diligencia y La Conferencia General

¡Hola Amada Familia Mia!

This week was another very good week for me in my mission and my life. It´s difficult out here, I don´t think any mission is easy, but the mission is always filled with so many little tender mercies that are always enough to keep me esforzando.

Thursday we visited the Hernández Hernández Family and showed them the video The Lamb of God which I downloaded on my USB. Afterwards, their cousin, Ricardo, came over with his machete to climb their 30 foot palm tree and cut down some coconuts. I was so impressed how easily and quickly he could climb it without ropes or anything to help him. This all happened when it was getting dark outside so I couldn´t even see when I was almost taken out by one of the coconuts that fell right between my legs! Thankfully, that´s probably the most dangerous thing that`s happened to me since I´ve been en México. Also, the coconuts were SO good! I`m a little confused how there´s so many good coconuts, mangos, etc. here right now when it hasn´t rained once during in my time in Jamiltepec, but oh well, I´m cool with it.

Friday, Elder Tilley and I taught our english class in La Casa de Oración. 4 members and one non-member showed up. We didn´t have time to contact the non-member as she had to leave right after the lesson but we will continue teaching the classes and hope that she and more people will come!

Saturday and Sunday we watched all sessions of General Conference in the chapel in Pinotepa. So many great messages were shared and I hope you all had the opportunity to hear them. Something I didn´t know before was that the translators for all of the speakers don´t have the script, but have to listen and translate every word live. Talk about the gift of the interpretation of tongues! It was also powerful listening because sometimes the Spirit hits the translators at different points of the talk than the speakers and you can hear them getting emotional. Also Sunday, I did my first baptismal interviews as district leader for America and Nereida Mendoza Valentin. They probably were the easiest baptismal interviews for someone doing their first interviews because America and Nereida are sisters of 10 and 11 years old. Anyways, they passed and will be baptized this Saturday!

As of right now, the closest investigator Elder Tilley and I have to baptism is Diana. If you remember, Diana is an investigator of Elder Noh and I and other missionaries, but she could never get baptized because she wasn´t married to her boyfriend that lives with her. Elder Noh and I taught them the importance of marriage and families and they were finally about to get married when José, the boyfriend, started having a ton of drinking problems. Diana has been progressing ever since the first missionaries met with her and wants to be baptized. Elder Tilley and I have continued to meet with her and she made the decision that she will find more temporal and eternal hapiness if she splits up with him and is baptized. Long story short, they´re splitting up now and it´s sad, but the good news is Diana will be ready for her baptism when he actually leaves, which should be this week.

Tomorrow, I complete 6 months as a missionary! I´ll be honest, these 6 months didn´t feel like they were going by that fast, but when I think about already being one-fourth of the way done with these two years, I start thinking wow, I really gotta keep doing everything I can with the time I have because this is my only opportunity to give everything I have to the Lord and the people of México!

Thank you for all the love and support! I know the Jesus Christ lives, I know that this is His Church, and that Thomas S. Monson is His Prophet.

¡Tenga una buena semana!

Remember that Conference isn´t just something we listen to every 6 months, but something we should study throughout the whole year!

 La Rama de Jamiltepec en Pinotepa para la Conferencia General

Another member´s new puppy

Carne Asada that we had with the Elder's Quorum 

Hermana Dalia´s baby, chillin in a hammock

A dog and her puppies napping in Jami

Los Guapos de Jamiltepec, Hermano Victor y yo

La Canchita, a restraurant in Pino that sells the biggest tortas I´ve ever seen