Monday, April 24, 2017

¿Quien dijo que los Mexicanos no fueran honestos?

¡Hola Familia!

Wow, I didn't even realize that I have no time to write today, but anyway it was another good week in La Gran Misión México Cuernavaca, a little lethargic, but good. I´m starting to discover that anytime I feel not as effective or not motivated in something is when I´m not focusing on the LITTLE THINGS. 

I don´t think that any aspect of missionary work is meant to be done just to be done. But that it´s supposed to be done with enthusiasm! We are called by a prophet of God to preach the Gospel in some part of the world for only 2 short years. Exercise, personal and companionship study, daily planning, contacting, working in the area book, doing accountability with the leaders are some of the LITTLE THINGS we do as missionaries that can make all the difference throughout each day. I think this also applies to life outside of the mission.

I know that´s not a very good explanation of what I wanna say, but you get what I mean. There´s a scripture that says that by small and simple means, great things shall come to pass. And I can´t testify enough the truth of that statement. Don´t settle with only accomplishing the few important things of each day, but try to make the most of every opportunity we have to improve. I don´t mean to step on a soapbox when I say this or anything, but these are just my thoughts for the day.

Quick story: today, I dropped my wallet when we were walking in the street. When I finally realized that I had lost it, we retraced our steps until we passed a store were this young woman stopped us and asked me if I was looking for a wallet. I said yes and she said someone that had found it in the street gave it to her and she returned it to me without any money taken out if it! Who said that Mexicans weren't honest? hashtag bendiciones.

Hahahah thanks for all the love and support. Some of those emails I read this week, I really need to hear. Love you all so much and have a great week! Focus on the LITTLE THINGS that you can do to be better.

Elder Tucker

 Foto de Conferencia de Zona

Foto de Conferencia Visita de elder Pieper


  1. So proud of you and what you are doing there

  2. Have a great birthday May 1 we love you lots and are proud of you