Monday, May 8, 2017

El inicio de algo nuevo, OCOTITO!

Hola Familia,

It was another great week in La Gran Misión México Cuernavaca with my new companion Elder Silva in our area Ocotito!

Ocotito is a small town one hour outside of Chilpancingo. But our area covers a ton of other towns in it up to 2 hours away by taxi and it´s one of the biggest areas in the mission. Luckily, Elder Silva is in his 6th transfer here and knows the area pretty well. The Ocotito Branch is the oldest in the stake, and the stake is mainly wards. But, we have a church building which is nice! Went to my first ward counsel meeting on Sunday since in Jamiltepec, they never did them. Our house is ok haha, it´s two stories but the owners live on the second floor. We have a treadmill and a basketball hoop. I'll send some pics next week. There were about 35 people at church this Sunday. I really enjoyed testimony meeting and shared mine. The second counselor of the branch presidency, Ricardo, and his family met the missionaries in the United States when the lived there for a time and is really great. His wife is the Relief Society president. The people here are generally more well-off financially than the people in Jamiltepec. I finally got the opporunity to teach lessons INSIDE people's houses this week instead of in front and outside. Our area is surrounded by mountains and super cool, but it´s kinda dry right now, I'm sure it gets a lot more green and pretty when the rainy season comes (June-August).

This week, I felt like I didn´t get to talk very much because Elder Silva already has so much time here and knows people really well. I also probably just gotta get used to the change haha, sometimes my mind was still in Jamiltepec or other places. But Elder Silva is so chill. I'm sure he was a great guy before but he seems like that classic missionary that's about to finish who has just totally changed for the better on his mission. We should be successful together. We have some investigators that our progressing towards baptism.

Other news of the week is that yesterday, our Zone had a quick meeting with President Ávila and he announced that now, investigators are required to attend church only 3 times (sometimes 2) instead of 5 times before they can be baptized. Sounds good to me! hahaha

It was overall a good week, but I bet this week will be a lot better! If we don't have a positive attitude, it's a lack of faith! Always do what you know you should and build your faith and testimony. Can't wait to Skype with the fam and especially Mom for Mother´s Day!!!

Elder Tucker

1, birthday cake that Elder Silva bought for me and the district

2, branch building

3,4, if you ever wondered how a pineapple grew (like i did)

5, Sister Lolita and I. This cute 70 year old member of the branch that lives on her own and goes on visits with us! Even though she can´t hear us half the time, she is amazing!


  1. Elder Scott - Great letter! Stay safe and stay busy out there. Hay muchos bandidos. We pray for your safety all the time. Meanwhile, this little Utah Jazz team scrapped and hustled but ran into a buzzsaw in round 2 getting swept by Golden St. We should know soon what pick the Suns end up getting. Hasta luego - Gary Funk Fam.

  2. Glad you were remembered on your birthday